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There are products in the cart, but I do not know whether I ordered

Just putting the product in the cart will not execute the order.

  • Select "View cart" to display the contents of the cart.
    • Here, confirm that the product you want to purchase is correctly in the cart.
  • If the content of the cart is the product and quantity (usually 1 piece) you want to purchase,
    • Click "To Order Procedure" to enter order operation.
  • If the content of the cart is different from the product or quantity you want to purchase,
    • As soon as you click "x" the product will be removed from the cart.
    • Click the "+" and "-" buttons, change the quantity to the correct one and click "Update Cart" to change the contents of the cart.
    • When the contents of the cart run out, the cart will not be displayed.

Check whether the order has been executed.

  • Click "eShop in silico Menu" → "My Account" → "View Accounts, Order History, Download" on the right side.
  • Enter your username and password and login to the shop.
    • If you are not yet registered as a user in the shop, no orders are being executed.
  • The "Your account information" page is displayed.
  • Click "Order History".
  • The "Order History" page is displayed. A list of past orders is displayed on this page.
  • If it is not ordered once, nothing is displayed. Information on the past "order ID", "situation", "settlement date", "customer" etc. is displayed, so if there is an applicable order there, and "situation" is Complete , The order has been settled.
  • By clicking "View details" for that order, you can see more detailed order status.