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Terms related to the Specified Commercial Transaction Law

This shop usage provision based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

  1. Business name, address, telephone number
    • Name of company: in silico biology, inc.
    • Address: 902 SOHO STATION, 24-8 Yamashita cho Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0023
    • Inquiry phone number: 045-222-0343
  2. Person responsible for business related to mail order
    • Representative Director Akira Ohyama
  3. Selling price · shipping fee · handling fee
    • The selling price of the item is stated on the sale screen of each item.
    • For downloaded products, no shipping fee will be incurred.
    • Payment method fee will be paid to each card company in case of installment payment.
    • Please contact each card company for installment payment fee.
  4. When payment is due, how Payment time
    • In the case of a credit card (including PayPal payment), it will be charged immediately when the order is concluded.
    • Payment Method
    • Payment by credit card (including PayPal payment) is possible.
  5. Delivery time of goods
    • Download sales products will be downloadable immediately after credit card transaction completion.
  6. Expiration date of application
    • Regarding effective application origin, it is described on each product sales screen.
  7. Restriction on the number of items sold
    • For all products, we limit the number of orders that can be made with one order.
    • This is set to prevent incorrect orders due to operational error.
  8. Response to returned goods etc.
    • For order cancellation and returns, please refer to "Order cancellation · Return / exchange agreement".
  9. Correspondence in case there are defects hidden in goods
    • It conforms to "License Agreement" displayed at product startup.
  10. Operating environment for software products
    • It is described on the sales screen of each item.

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