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User's Guide: From Ordering to Using Product

Choose the product you want to purchase

  1. Select the product and quantity and click "Add to Cart".
  2. Click "View cart".
  3. If the contents of the cart is correct, click "To Order".
    • Not ordered yet at this point.

When you press order button in cart, the following steps are executed

Step 1: Register account, login

  1. First time customers, we will create a new account here.
  2. If you already have an account, enter your user name and password.

Step 2: Billing information → can be edited later

  1. Choose to select billing address.
  2. You can also register another new address here and select it.

Step 3: (Skip for download sales)

Step 4: (Skip for download sales)

Step 5: Select payment method or trial version

  1. It is only payment by purchase credit card.
  2. To use the trial version, select Trial License Issuance.
  3. Check "I read the personal information protection provisions".
  4. I will turn on "I have read the shop terms and conditions".
  5. Click "Continue".

Step 6: Confirm Order

  1. Confirm the contents of the order and click "Confirm Order".

Move to the credit card company's site

  1. Display of order contents and selection of payment method (Only payment by credit card can be selected)
  2. Enter and confirm card number etc
    • Select "payment method"
    • Selection of "number of divisions" (Required if "split" is selected)
    • Card number (Enter numbers only without hyphens)
    • Card expiration date (xx month /xx year)
    • Security code
    • Click "Confirm".
  3. Confirm the contents and click "Settlement".
  4. Card settlement is completed. Click "Forward". Return to the in silico biology site.

Returning to the site of in silico biology, the contents of your order will be displayed. Download the installer.

  1. Click "View My Account" from the shop menu.
  2. Click "Download".
  3. The files that can be downloaded are displayed.
    • The following files can be downloaded.
    • Installation Guide (pdf)
    • Installer file for Windows (zip)
    • Installer file for Mac (tar.gz)
  4. Click, download, and save to the appropriate folder.

Installation and launch, activation

  1. Click on the installer you want to use and decompress and install.
  2. When the installation is completed, the IMC icon will be displayed on the desktop.
  3. Double-click the icon to start it.

Activate license

  1. A dialog for license activation appears.
  2. Click Activate License
  3. The ISB Software Activation dialog will be displayed
  4. Select Activation over the Internet and click Next.
  5. Enter the login user name and password to the site and click Next.
  6. The available licenses are displayed.
  7. Select the license you want to activate and click Activate.
  8. An activation confirmation message will be displayed.
  9. Click "Yes".
  10. When activation is successfully completed, a completion message is displayed.

Start IMC and load sample data

  1. Double-click the IMC icon on the desktop.
  2. The IMC starts up.
  3. At the first boot, the message "Install Sample Files?" Is displayed.
  4. If you answer "yes" to this, sample data will be loaded.
  5. Sample data is set in the IMC and it becomes ready to use.