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IMC Next Release Announcement

Release contents:

Main window configuration changes

Current configuration

  • Upper toolbar 1 piece (with invisible button)

  • 4 split panes, all of which can be resized and removed individually and displayed independently outside the Main Window

New configuration

  • 4 toolbars (top, bottom, left and right) (all can be removed and displayed independently outside the Main Window, with a button to make them invisible)


  • Split panes 9 to 12 (all can be resized, and can be removed and displayed independently outside the Main Window, compatible with multi-display)


New features (Common to Genomics Edition and Premium Edition)

  • Metabolic analysis function (reading and displaying genome-scale models, linking with GenBank files)

  • All features of the previous Array edition

  • All features of the old Genome Design Suite

  • Incorporation of split pane cloning function (current cloning function can also be used)

  • Amino acid information (protein sequence) table

  • Ability to revert to current (legacy) window configuration (release will be slightly delayed from above)
  • New features (premium edition only)

  • NGS analysis functions (sequencing, mapping, higher-order analysis functions (formerly GenomeTraveler functions)


SureServer for SAKURA(EV) EN

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