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 Product Name (New)  Product Name(Old) Subscrition LDK SHK ACT
 IMC Entry Edition  IMC Entry Edition Yes  N.A.  N.A.  Yes
 IMC Cloning Edition  IMC Standard Edition Yes  N.A.  N.A.  Yes
 IMC Genomics and Genome Design Edition

 IMC Genomics Edition

+ Array Analysis of Array Edition

+ unpublished Genome Design Suite

Yes  Yes



Apr. 2023

 IMC Premium OMICS Edition


+ IMC (Full Function) Edition

+ unpublished Metabolomics

and Genome Scale Model




Apr. 2023



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IMC GE 6 Months
¥26,400 Ex Tax: ¥24,000
IMC GE 12 Months
¥39,600 Ex Tax: ¥36,000
IMC GE 3 Month
¥16,500 Ex Tax: ¥15,000

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