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IMC Version 8.45 released

The latest version 8.45 of IMC has been released.

Updated Feature Key / Qualifier information

  1. Feature Key and Qualifier have been updated. However, Feature Key/Qualifier information currently in use is not automatically updated.
  2. It is updated by overwriting option.dat in user area/data with option.dat in data of IMC install directory.
  3. However, in this case, already set information such as Feature Key and Qualifier will be reset at the same time.

Bug fixes

  1. Among the menus that can be executed by right-clicking the CDS feature on the reference genome region (Multiple Genome Viewer), Copy N.A, could not be copied correctly when the CDS was complement, but this has been fixed.

SureServer for SAKURA(EV) EN

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IMC GE 6 Months
¥26,400 Ex Tax: ¥24,000
IMC GE 12 Months
¥39,600 Ex Tax: ¥36,000
IMC GE 3 Month
¥16,500 Ex Tax: ¥15,000

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