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Bug Report on the Latest IMC Version 7.52

In the latest version, IMC Version 7.52, it has been reported that the icon cannot be displayed in some environments.

We are currently investigating the cause, but if this problem occurs, please revert to the old version.

The old version can be downloaded from the following.

Old Version Installer for Mac

Old Version installer for Windows

IMC7.52 must be uninstalled before installing the older version.

SureServer for SAKURA(EV) EN

Corresponding Trial License

You can check operation by trial license before purchase

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IMC GE 6 Months
¥26,400 Ex Tax: ¥24,000
IMC GE 12 Months
¥39,600 Ex Tax: ¥36,000
IMC GE 3 Month
¥16,500 Ex Tax: ¥15,000

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