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How to Move License

Move the IMC license from Computer 1 to Computer 2.

  1. If IMC license is in use on Computer 1, cancel IMC license of Computer 1.
  2. Whether or not the IMC license is being used in Computer 1 can be confirmed by starting IMC with Computer 1 or logging in to ISB site from Computer 1 and checking whether or not the license is being used on this computer I will.
  3. Execute "Activation" of IMC license on Computer 1.
  4. Activate "the same IMC license on Computer 2.
  5. With this, you can use the IMC license used by Computer 1 with Computer 2.
  6. Also operate in the same way to return the license to Computer 1.
  7. These operations can be executed any number of times until the license expiration date.