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Term Main definition

Used to classify features freely. The default usage is mainly to classify annotation stages.

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Synonyms - annotation_grade

A coding region of genomic sequence.

Hits - 1129
Synonyms - Coding Region
Circular Genome Map

Function to create a circular genome map. Customize the map and save the design as a style. Implemented IMCGE or higher edition of IMC.

Hits - 270

It is used for color classification of Qualifier feature set by IMC independently.

Hits - 1036
Synonyms - classification

An operation button for closing the setting dialog without applying the setting.

Hits - 1215

Refers to a set of three consecutive nucleic acids translated into one amino acid.

Hits - 1108
Synonyms - codon
Current Genome Sequence

The genomic base sequence loaded in the current main directory. Can perform editing operations such as annotation.

Hits - 991
Synonyms - Current Genomic Sequence

It is a Linux enumulator on Windows. It is used when launching Linux software with IMC etc.

Hits - 681
Synonyms - Cygwin

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