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IMC Ver. 7.28 is released

# 2267 The bug is fixed that the color setting dialog of Set Qualifier -> Color is not displayed on the right click menu on the feature.

# 2268 Default Layout Style of Plasmid Map has been set.

# 2269 When drawing using Layout Style with Plasmid Map, write that information in the sequence file so that it can be rendered next time with that layout style.

# 2271 Fixed a problem that the dot fill color of DotPlot Navigation Dialog was rendered with blast color condition mismatch color.

# 2277 The problem that Show Grid Line can not be unchecked in the Sequence Lane tab pane of the Feature Setting dialog, has been resolved.

# 2278 The scale setting of the Sequence Lane tab pane of the Feature Setting dialog has moved to the Ruler for Sequence setting dialog of FLS.