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ISB YD0001 Dongle LED Not Lit on MacOSX

Situation / phenomenon

  • The dongle LED does not light up after updating MacOSX El Caspitan (MacOSX.11).
  • Dongle not recognized in MacOSX High Sierra (MacOSX.13.4) environment.
  • Since the dongle is not recognized, the numeral "2" is displayed as an error message when the IMC is activated.

Cause confirmation method

  • Attach the dongle to the Mac and check if the LED of the dongle is lit.
  • When not lit The dongle driver is not installed.
  • Although the dongle driver is installed, it is not loaded properly.

How to confirm that the driver is installed

  1. Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra Settings -> Overview -> System Report.
  2. Click Hardware -> USB -> Sentinel Hardware Key.
  3. The contents of "Sentinel Hardware Key" will be displayed.
  4. If the above contents are displayed, "Sentinel Hardware Key driver is installed.

How to confirm that the driver is loaded

  1. Start the terminal.
  2. Enter the following command.
  3. $ kextstat | grep -I setinel
  4. If the following is displayed, the driver is loaded.


Reinstall the latest version of the dongle driver.

How to uninstall the dongle driver

  1. Download the uninstall script file and save it in an arbitrary folder.
  3. Start the terminal.
  4. Enter the following command to run the script for uninstallation.
  5. $ cd (folder where you saved the script file)
  6. $ sh -f
  7. Exit Terminal and restart Mac.

How to install dongle driver

This driver works with MACOSX below.

  • MacOSX 7.5
  • LionMacOSX.8.5
  • Mountain Lion
  • MacOSX 9.5 Mavericks
  • MacOSX.10.5 Yosemite
  • MacOSX.11 El Capitan
  1. Download the script file for installation and save it in an arbitrary folder.
  3. Install the above.
  4. When the installation is completed, restart the MAC.

Click here if the dongle does not light even after installing the latest version dongle driver