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IMC W161B Restriction Enzyme Map Lane Setting Dialog Explained

Restriction Enzyme Map Lane Setting Dialog


Height: Set height of restriction enzyme map lane in pixel units

My Set: Select the registered list of restriction enzymes. The default is "All"

Type check box

4 bp check box: check when leaving 4 base recognition restriction enzyme list

6 bp check box: check if leaving 6 base recognition restriction enzyme list

8 bp check box: check when leaving 8 base recognition restriction enzyme on list

Palindromic checkbox: check to leave Palindrome's restriction enzyme list

Not Palindromic check box: check to leave restriction enzymes not on Palindromic list

Blunt End check box: check to keep blunt end restriction enzyme on list

Sticky End 5'-check box: check if the 5 'end leaves a protruding end restriction enzyme list

Sticky End 3'-check box: check if the restriction enzyme whose 3 'end is protruding end is left on the list

DAM check box: check if you want to list the restriction enzymes affected by DAM methylation

DCM checkbox: check if you want to keep the list of restriction enzymes affected by DCM methylation

Result radio button

Select All radio button: Turn on if you do not want to limit by the number of cut parts

Any Enzyme: When restricted to a restriction enzyme having the range of the next cleavage site number, it is on

From: To: Enter the range (positive integer) of the number of recognition sites

Restriction enzyme list

Checkbox: Checked restriction enzyme is targeted

Enzyme: Restriction enzyme name

Recognition Site: recognition site of the restriction enzyme

Select All button: Click to select all restriction enzymes in the restriction enzyme list

Reverse Selected button: Click to reverse the current selection state.

Set button: Click to apply the setting.

Cancel button: Click to cancel the setting.