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IMC 31 Launch IMC

311: Launch IMC by clicking the desktop icon

It is the most common IMC starting method.

How to launch IMC

If you are using a floating license = dongle version, insert the dongle: Sentinel Key into the USB slot. (It is unnecessary in case of fixed license)

Double-click the IMC icon on the desktop to start the IMC.

The initial screen is displayed.

& ref (imcimg 31 / IMC 5203 _ C 723 _ 0001. png, 50%);

Information displayed on initial screen |

IMC edition name |

Version name |

License ID |

Dongle ID (for dongle version only) |

Registration date |

Update deadline to the latest version |

[[When the trouble that the initial screen is not displayed: http: // IMC_Y01_LaunchingTroublesJP]]

Click the initial screen.

The IMC main window is displayed.

& ref (imcimg 31 / IMC 5203 _ C 723 _ 0002. png, 50%);

For fixed license

In the case of a fixed license, if the license file ( is not stored in the correct location, the following message will be displayed.

Click the Ref button to display the file selection dialog and specify the location where the license is saved.

Click the OK button, specify the file, and click the Set button.

The IMC starts up.

312: Start IMC from the Start menu (Windows)

Click the Start button and click "All Programs" ⇒ "in silico biology, inc." ⇒ "IMC" ⇒ "in silico Molecular Cloning XXXXX Edition".

The initial screen is displayed.

Depending on the edition installed, XXXXX displays Standard, Genomics, Array.