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What is Fixed Permanent License?

  • To launch in silico biology software products, a product use license is required.
  • There are two types of product licenses: a permanent use license (sold from April 2005) and a time limit license (sales started in August 2018).
  • There are also two subtypes of permanent licenses, "Fixed Permanent License" which is limited (fixed) to one device to be used (fixed) and "Floating (Dongle) Permanent License" where license can be moved freely. I will explain the fixed (equipment designation) license here

What is a fixed (device designation) permanent license?

  • A fixed license indicates a license in which the device on which the software is installed is fixed to a specific computer. You can not share one license with two or more computers.

Benefits of using fixed (device specified) license

  • Fixed license is convenient when multiple people share one computer in the laboratory etc.
  • You do not have to have a USB socket.

Disadvantage of using fixed (device designation) license

  • In the case of a fixed license, you can not move the license after the update period is exceeded
  • During the license renewal period, you can move if you do the procedure, but you will need to reissue the license.

Switching floating license from fixed license

  • License change procedure is required
  • The exchange fee is 32,400 yen (including tax) among the same software products

Fixed (device specified) license renewal

  • Update license expires one year after fixed license purchase
  • Although you can use the software without updating the license, you can not download / install the latest software after exceeding it.
  • Once you update your license, you can always download and install the latest version.
  • In the case of license renewal, please contact directly via our agent or our company.
  • When the format of usage data such as array and next generation sequencer is changed, we are making improvements at any time as necessary, but these improvements are reflected only in the latest version.

Save downloaded latest installer

  • For the software products developed by ISB, the installer is stored in the directory / folder that you normally installed
  • If you do not renew the license, we recommend that you do not delete this installer because you can not install the installer after the expiration date
  • These installers can run on the same PC or Mac as long as they are homogeneous (between Windows and Mac OS X)