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IMC B3i1 Functions of Navigation Lane

  • You can move Navigation Lane to any position in Feature Map.
  • You can switch display / non-display of Navigation Lane with one click of the button.
  • On the Navigation Lane, you can display any number of optional feature keys.
  • The navigation lane is equal to the display width of the main feature map, and is a lane for displaying the distribution of the features of the entire genome and used for navigation.
  • You can select multiple feature keys simultaneously (simultaneous display of all features is possible) at the same time.
  • It is also possible to use only Forward Strand or Reverse Strand navigation lane.
  • For frame specification, six frames can be displayed separately or all can be combined into one.
  • Also, in order to increase the scroll processing speed, you can display the features to display automatically. · Select feature key to display