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IMC A02D Print Feature Map

The feature map drawn by IMC can be directly printed by a printer, or it can be saved as a file in the following image file format.

  • PDF
  • PNG
  • EMF


  • To increase the rendering resolution of Feature Map, it is necessary to increase the paper size.
  • Paper settings are limited to those set for the specified printer.


  1. Loading samples
  2. Load the sequence file and make it the current sequence.
    • A feature map of the annotation file is displayed.
  3. Print feature map
  4. Click the Print button.
    • A print preview window is displayed.
  5. Check printer settings
  6. Click "Page Setup .."
    • "Page setting" Dialog is displayed.
  7. Click "Printer Setting (P)".
    • "Printer Settings" Dialog is displayed.
  8. Check if it is a printer that can be used.
    • If it is a printer that can not be used, change it to a printer that can be used with a pull-down menu.
  9. Click "Print".
    • The display page of the feature map is printed on the specified printer.
  10. Do not output directly to the printer, output it to a PDF file
  11. Click the "PDF .." button.
    • "Save PDF File" Dialog is displayed.
  12. Specify the directory and file name to save the PDF file and click "Save".