Recent Troubles

Dongle not recognzed on Mac OS X

Trouble occured on Java Veriosn 6 on Mac OS X


Bug and Trouble Report

On this page, serious troubles and bugs occured on ISB products. As for the non serious troubles and bugs, see bug reports or update histories of each product page.

Serious Bugs and Troubles List

Date Contents Action
2009-07-22 Dongle not recognized on Mac OS X in details
2009-07-08 Downloading error occured when downloading NCBI sequence by TaxiSpider. in details
2009-06-17 Installation error on Java Version 6 update4 of Mac OS X.5 in details
N.A. New version check button and new help check buttons are not clickable when UAC of Windows Vista is ON status. in details

To avoid errors when installing older version of ISB products on Mac OS X.

in details