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This page is the home page of IMC (in silico MolecularCloning).

Features of in silico MolecularCloning

Advisors for the product development 

Development of IMC is conducted by Professor Naotake Ogasawara of Nara Institute of Science and Technology and Professor Ken Kurokawa of Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Development Policy

Features of IMC

User License of IMC

Operation Manuals of IMC

Functions of IMC

Handling of Annotated DNA and Amino Acid Sequences

Cloning in silico

IMC provides typical cloning experiments on a computer. No special data is required but only annotated GenBank or EMBL sequence files are used for the experiments. Namely, any two GenBank files can be ligated together with their annotation on. Cloning maintains annotation on these sequences during restriction enzyme digestion, PCR amplification and ligation. The resulting ligation files are generated in GenBank or EMBL format. Primer info can be mapped on the genome and this function is useful to manage numerous primer sets to be easy to find status.

Drawing and Operation of Feature Map

IMC has various customization facilities on the Main Feature Map.

Feature Mapping

Import of Result files of Gene Detection Software

Import of feture files

Importing and Mapping of result files of homology searches

Sequence Mapping

Sequence Analysis

Search Functions

Manual and Automated Annotation

The Annotation window provides useful tools for manual annotation.

Comparative Genome Analysis(Genomics and Array Editions)

Comparative Genome Analysis features are implemented on the IMC Genomics Edition and IMC Array Edition.

Tiling Array Analysis(Array Edition)

IMC Array Edition provides a high-resolution profiling of tiling array data comparing with existing annotation about the genomes. IMC Array Edition supports arrays of Affymetrix ,Agilent and Nimblegen.